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ECMS Exam Learning Objectives Overview | How-to Cisco Meraki Series
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ECMS Exam Learning Objectives Overview | How-to Cisco Meraki Series

JOIN US ON DISCORD: **Disclaimer, this video is not sponsored by Cisco Meraki or any other company. All knowledge shared in this video is from my own experience with the platform.** Cisco Meraki, what the heck is it? Cisco Meraki is a cloud based platform you need to know as a network engineer. Meraki, purchased in 2012 by Cisco Systems started out as a cloud based Enterprise Wireless Networking solution. The MR device family includes all Cisco Meraki Access Points. The Meraki portfolio has since been expanded over the years to include the MX Security Appliances, the MS switching family, new additions to the MR access points to support WiFi 6 deployments, their best in class MV video cameras, the MT Internet of Things sensors, the MG Cellular Gateway and of course we cannot forget the software offerings such as Systems Manager for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Meraki Insight for Application health monitoring, VoIP health monitoring and WAN health monitoring. Of course, we can’t forget the Dashboard itself, and the Meraki Dashboard API. So, Why Cisco Meraki? Cisco Meraki is all about simplicity. These products are designed to simplify every aspect of the network lifecycle; From design, implementation, operations and everything in between. As a network engineer, you will encounter Cisco Meraki products. Of course, Meraki isn’t without its own set of bugs, quirks and challenges to overcome. It certainly isn’t a perfect product, but it has become a mainstay in the networking community. In this multi-part Cisco Meraki video series we will talk about every product family Meraki has to offer, their use cases and functions, and we will build real labs to demonstrate many of the features and functions. First well start out with an intro to the Dashboard, showing you how to manage administrators and add devices to your organizations networks. From there we will breakdown the features available within each product lines and demonstrate both building Meraki networks and operating them. This will be broken up in several sections. In the Security Appliance section we have a look at everything the Meraki MX can do. We’ll have a look at: - MX implementation and product overview. - MX modes from routed to pass through mode. - MX High Availability. - MX SITE to SITE VPN and SD-WAN. - Hub and spoke topology. - Full mesh topology. - Split tunneling and full tunneling. - MX Client VPN. - Firewall Capabilities such as Cisco AMP, LAYER 3 and LAYER 7 Rules, Group Policy, IPS/IDS, content filtering and more. In the Campus Switching section, we look at everything MS. We’ll have a look at: - MS switching implementation and product overview. - Configuring MS management VLAN. - Configuring access and trunk ports. - Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching features. - MS high availability features such as - Switch stacking - and Warm Spare. - Wired 802.1X RADIUS Then, in the Wireless section, we will look at the MR access points and how to deploy wireless and operated wireless networks. We’ll look at: - MR access point implementation and product overview. - Configuring ports and VLANS correctly for access points. - Configuring Wireless security rules and features. - Configuring WiFi for employees and guests. - Implementing direct LAN access or segmented access. - Splash screens. - Floor plans and AP / device placement. In other sections, we will also look at the Meraki Internet of Things, Dashboard Operations and Automation and much more. This entire course and list is subject to change at anytime and is not all inclusive. My goal is to share my passion for the product and help get you familiar with Cisco Meraki products. Please like this video by smashing the thumbs up button and share this video series with a friend. Thank you so much for viewing, and have a great day! ============================================================ SHOUTOUT TO TRACKHAWK FOR ALLOWING THE USE OF THE TRACK 'CUOMO' FOR THE NEW TOR'S TECH TALK INTRODUCTION. SoundCloud - Instagram - @trackhawktracks ============================================================ Support Tor's Tech Talk: JOIN US ON DISCORD: CONNECT ON LINKEDIN: https://LINKEDIN.COM/TORYDAVENPORT WEBSITE: WWW.TORSTECHTALK.COM ----------------------------------------------------------------
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